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1) Church-goers, or pastors who go off on meaningless douchebaggery which takes the focus of the church off the primary goal.
2) Angry, bitter church people.

Pewtardary: The actions of pewtards.

Pewtardation: An abnormal slowness of thought or action with regard to church issues and facts.

Pewtardingly: adverb.
"I think at this year's Southern Baptist Convention, I'm going to propose a toast (aka resolution) on alcoholic abstinence."

Boy the pewtards have really invade the restaraunts after church.

The churches many pewtards complained to the pastor about the fact that he doesn't yell enough during the preaching.

That person is pewtardingly awkward.

If you attend an Fundamentalist Baptist church long enough you will suffer from pewtardation.

At the SBC annual meeting, you will much pewtardary.
by BigJackMack January 20, 2011
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