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Some ugly, deceased reject that does a terrible Steve Irwin impression on his sorry ass youtube video. His untimely death came just after his senior year at Esperanza High School when he decided to hop in a vehicle and race some idiot on a major street while intoxicated. I say untimely because frankly, it wasn't soon enough! Good riddance to garbage, you won't be missed you loser ass, party doucher hahaha
See that dented pole? That's Petefoss!

Bro 1: "Hey I'm drunk and stupid, Let's race down a street!"

Bro 2: "Whoa there, broham, don't you go pulling a Petefoss on me now!"

That guy over there is skinny and tall and stupid-looking. Looks just Like Pete!

Burn Pete alive!
by Peteloss January 03, 2012
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