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The name given to the affair that Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan had whilst filming Mamma Mia: The Movie.

When Mamma Mia: The Movie was released in 2008, many Streepers, and other people for that matter, pondered the innocence of the off-screen relationship between Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, who played ex-lovers in the film. After countless photos of the pair in what seemed like more than friendly poses were found on the internet, plus various quotes and interviews of them both, Peryl was born.

Peryl is a frenzied phenomenon between Streepers, with countless fanfictions and music videos created in admiration. But funnily enough (adding to the mystery and, some could say, verification of the affair) not a word has even been mentioned in the tabloids or on the internet. Not a single hint at a possible affair has ever been found, which seems ludicrous as the media can make a story out of anything. And have done, with pictures a lot less compromising than that which exist of the pair.
"I've found a new Peryl picture from the set of Mamma Mia!"

"Look at that kiss in Mamma Mia! Peryl soooo happened!"
by strawberrymarmalade February 02, 2010
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