The term for the new niche oriented internet based media after the passing of terrestrial based mass media.

First used on the Strategy Room with Alan Colmes by Michael Harrison, TALKERS magazine.
Why buy a new radio when you can listen to music you want on your ipod or on internet radio? This new internet radio - where you can list to specifically what you want - is personal media.
by TALKERS Magazine May 7, 2009
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A modern term for the carefully formulated and overtly fake publicly displayed personality used by ‘celebrities’ who lack natural presentation talent.
Examples of a Media Personality can be found in the wake of reality TV shows like Big Brother and The Biggest Loser, they are also rife in what ever happens to be the latest media craze (cooking shows, gardening shows, selling as seen on TV products, etc...).
by Reality Boy September 28, 2009
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“I’m a media personality, are u gonna ignore the fact that I have a big boooooty?”
by Thot Penetrator April 24, 2019
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