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Perryn. The most amazing individual you will ever meet. Gets anyone he wants.
Look at that Perryn over there stealing my girl.
by spongebob888 October 05, 2016
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Perryn. A great person, if you are considered a friend to her consider yourself lucky. If you are her boyfriend consider yourself extra lucky, and never do anything to make her feel like you don't want to be around her, If you want to be a friend to her just go talk to her. She loves people who are themselves at all times and will accept you for who you are. I have also heard that her ex's regret dumping her. Her heart belongs to one person and that is it.
Boy A: Is that the Perryn you said was your girlfriend

Boy B: Yeah she's perfect isn't she

Boy A: Perryn is more than perfect

Boy C: I really regret dumping Perryn
by Andriah May 09, 2018
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Perryn is a sweet gentle and loving person, one of the best individuals you will ever meet, cares about others before her self
Boy A: Dude who is that girl, she looks Amazing

Boy B: Oh, you haven't met her, That's Perryn she's so amazing
by Andriah May 09, 2018
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