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(The permanent period)
Pronounced Purr-mee-uhd
A female who seems as if she is always on her period.

Permiods may constantly be in a bad mood, reject your advances (often times even the smoothest pick up lines will not work on these foul beings), and/or relentlessly talk in a rude or obnoxious manner.

Most of the time, they will be hideous and bitchy due to lack of action, but sometimes they just think they are better than everyone else. They may also be dykes who are angry that they aren't men. On occasion, they are semi-attractive, but merely haven't learned their place (in the kitchen).

Many of these women can be identified as the grenade of the group, and sometimes even the queen bee. It is very difficult to deal with these types of women; therefore, they are best left alone.
Bill: Dude, what the fuck? I grabbed that Rachel's ass, and she turned around and slapped me!
Mark: Haha! You should've known. She's always like that.
Bill: Fucking Permiod!
by TheBitchKiller January 26, 2011
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