A "cocktail" drink that consists of Jagermeister, Vodka, Tequila and Gin
Do you want to drink a Permanent Marker
No way dude they're fucked
by Poppy Johns February 14, 2021
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taking the phrase "pencil you in" or pen you in to a whole new level of commitment in order to remove all doubts that a pencil or an erasable pen is in use while making plans.
matt: wanna hang out friday night?
rachel: i might have plans friday night...
matt: okay nevermind i guess
rachel: im just playinnnn, im gonna permanent marker you in!
by always your favorite! April 3, 2010
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A head that has been shaved off and written on with permanent marker.
My hair is being such a bitch that i'm guna permanent marker hairerize it! WOOHOOW IM SUCH A GENIUS!! permanent marker hair ROCKS MY GYM SOCKS!!!
by afro girl (aka alex) May 3, 2006
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