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That one brave soul who, instead of running with his or her tail between his or her legs, tries their hardest to ruin the damnable congregation.

A Pep Troll may do one or more of the following:

- Play rap, metal, funeral marches, or some other situationally inappropriate song on a boombox/stereo.
- Blow an airhorn incessantly.
- Throw shit (metaphorically).
- Throw shit (literally).
- Release mice or other small animals. Bonus points are awarded if birds are used and/or if someone gets bitten.

Only the most amazing individual can completely derail the pep rally. If you know one of these heroes, show them your appreciation for their courage by buying them lunch.
*pep fest occurs*

*Pep Rally/Fest Troll pisses on the person sitting in front of himself/herself*
by You're bestest friend ever February 13, 2013
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