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The people of Yucaipa (or at least the High School) include the following:
Bros- White guys/ girl (bro hoes) who live in their Metal Mulisha, Tap Out, and DC's. Usually, they have a bad attitude, and can be jerks, but occasionally, you'll find a bro who's pretty chill. They LOVE their bikes.
Bonkers- Well, a Bonker is basically Yucaipa's term for anyone who goes to raves, wears skinny jeans, snapbacks, either smokes weed, takes ecstacy, or some other drug regularly. They dress in a VERY flamboyant manner, and they usually all hang out together. Bros and Bonkers don't normally mix, but mingling with one another occasionally isn't anything unusual. Some may be sporting humongous hair, and very nicely groomed eyebrows.

Hipsters- Yucaipa isn't really known for it's hipsters, but their is quite a few. Hipsters here are usually introverted, and not very talkative, but they generally have the best taste in fashion here in Yucaipa. Not much to say about them.

A few things about Yucaipa:
- NOT all of us are "White Trash." Yes, many us of are. But look at the Bonkers, and you'll see the exact opposite.
- There is a very low African American population here. Of course, there's some. But not alot.
- Parties here are absolutely amazing. If you know where, who's, and which party to go to. You'll have a blast.
Yeah, People of Yucaipa are pretty lame
by Bree the Yucaipian February 03, 2012
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