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Noun combining the root word and noun "penis" with the and combining noun form "-cracy," a suffix which menas "form of government, social or political class, and theory of social organization."

Penistocracy Definitions:

1 : government by the biggest dick or by a group of small, but nevertheless dickish dicks; also, government by the biggest pricks or assholes

2 a : a government in which power is vested (see 2vest 1a) in a minority consisting of those who are the most dickish

2 b : a state with such a government

3 : a governing body or upper class usually made up of a hereditary nobility a member of a penistocracy

4 : a class or group of people believed to be superior (as in rank, wealth, or intellect) an intellectual penistocracy
The Orokin penistocracy was overthrown by the Tenno and the Lotus.
by Rhekemi June 15, 2018
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