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The master of all penis's that draws pictures of huge penis's in the Penn State bathrooms. This happens most every day at the branch campus in Altoona Pennsylvania in the Hawthorn building inside of the boys bathroom. Someone named the Penismeister draws a dick across one of the stalls or across the whole bathroom depending on his mood I guess. Then he usually signs his drawings in cursive with the pseudonym "Penismeister". No one has ever caught the Penismeister but I often check the bathroom to see if he has struck because it entertains me! He constantly has to come back to draw new ones because he only writes in pencil and the janitorial staff is quick to erase it! I know for a fact that there have been actual stake outs and stings to catch the guy but the harder they try to find him the bigger his penis drawings get. Thats why he is the master! NO! The Meister!
ME:Dude!! Did you see the latest penismeister???
Guy: NO! Where is it???
ME: It is in the far stall today! That guy is a genius!
Guy: Yeah I know lets scope out the bathroom to try to meet him.
ME: lol thats funny you know the guy will never be found!
Guy: I want to shake that guys hand!
ME: Are you sure about that?
by Penismeister September 02, 2010
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