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A man who fucks so much, and has been so successful at pleasing women, that his sex giving powers have reportedly saved women from death. The word "wrench" implying that this individual can stop anybody problems with their Johnson that they are a gift from our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Some Penis-Wrenches have reportedly cured cancer, Blue-waffle, etc.
Brynn: Hey Val, I thought you had a fever, you probably shouldn't be out in the cold!

Val: Oh, I'm better now, Matt is such a Penis-Wrench that he cured me!

Brynn: Ooh, what's his number?
by TheOriginalPenisWrench April 18, 2016
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Jono Coleman being buggered by a donkey with a duck giving him pleasure at the same time
The time he went to Peterborough and asked a donkey if he do it with him and madonna. The donkey said no to madonna and yes to him. The donkeys mate the duck felt left out so they said he could join the que at the front. The duck didnt want to stop and still had his manhood clenched between his beaks when he ran off. And that is how penis wrench came about. PS. I was there too

by Nathan Parker May 16, 2003
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