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Penis cutter, much like cigar cutters, are the most effective way to get a gay guy back on the straight path!

They exist out of 2 finger grips, a hole (where through you put the penis), and razor sharp blades connected to the finger grips (can also be done with rusty ol' blades).

When the penis is inserted, just squeeze hard, and if successful, the penis will fall to the floor like a little silicon toy-snake.
Half successful, and the penis will be hanging on a piece of skin. The most effective way is to rip the penis off the piece of skin.
If not pressed hard enough, or the blades are too dull, you risk on damaging the penis and surrounding tissue, without effectively cutting it off!
In such case pulling off the penis won't work, and you'll need to sharpen the blades, or buy a new penis cutter!

Remember, when holding mass-penis-cutting rituals, to now and then clean the cutter, so the blades won't rust!
"Hey, I belong to the penis-tribe, and want to get out of it!"

"Ow, Just use a penis cutter then!"

"I want to smoke a cigar, but have no cigar cutter!"

"Just use a penis cutter, will work just as fine!"

"I want to give a gift to my boyfriend, but don't know what!?"

"Just send hum a Penis cutter!"
by Fukaface! September 11, 2011
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