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Penis needles

Penis Needles is a battery-operated game of physical skill that tests players' hand-eye co-ordination and pain endurance.

It consists of a "needle", lithographed with a comic likeness of a doctor (nicknamed "Dr. Prickles") and a large, red syringe for storing a variety of liquids packaged with the game. In the syringe plunger are a number of mechanical springs that gyrate the needle to give it its "Jackhammer Effect". To work, the game requires two AA batteries.

There is one set of cards included with the game: Taker cards. There is also a set of dice: Giver dice. Each player rolls the dice before every round. The player with the highest roll is dubbed the "Giver" for said round. This means he will be injecting the "Taker". If he happens to also be the taker for that round, he must inject himself.

Players take turns to pick Taker cards, which offer a cash payment for injecting a particular liquid, using the needle and syringe. If a player successfully injects an entire vile into his penis, said player collects the amount shown on their card. However, if the metal tip of the syringe is removed before the entire dose is injected (affectionately know as a "low ball"), a buzzer sounds, and the player loses their turn. The winner is the player with the most money after all the vials have been injected.
Damn I have more track marks on my penis than a heroin addict has on their forearms on account of all the Penis Needles I've been playing.
by drprickles December 10, 2013
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