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This phrase to be spoken very quickly, almost as to seem Spanish in nature.

“Penis Monpañios Monpeñios” was originally created as an alter-ego amongst a group of friends in Sacramento, California in 2007. This character was a member of club 697; where you must have been 6’9” tall, and 7” long. Inside the club, all they did was 69. The spirit of Penis Monpañios Monpeñios still wanders the fields of the Thicket of Zatarains, located in Granite Bay, California.

In the years since, this has spread to LA as a nonsense phrase (similar to that of Rim Pum). Among groups of pot-smoking individuals, this phrase has commonly been used as a comical outburst or a friendly greeting during times of great stoning. Abbreviations such as simply saying “Monpañios” tend to be common.
Tom: "Monpeñios to you my friend!"

Steve: "Ah, Penis Monpañios Tom!"

Dave (from the back of the room): "Tom!! Penis Monpañios Monpeñios!!"
by M. Damon July 09, 2011
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