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A nice little town that's relatively new and pretty misunderstood. A lot of people think that all the rich snobs who get whatever they want live in Granite Bay. That's not true. If you actually get to know the people living there, they are like any other nice people that you know. There are only the certain few that give off the impression that Granite Bay is a snobby uptight place.
I love Granite Bay.
It's so nice and safe.
Not filled with rich snobs, contrary to public opinion.
by thesheepdies May 19, 2007
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A town east of Roseville and right next to Folsom Lake. This is a really nice town with nice people too. The people who live here do make A LOT of money but are not snobs who undermine everyone else. People here still say thank you and please apposed to many other places. Granite Bay is home to many of Northern California's local celebrities as well.
If I was rich, I would live in Granite Bay.
by michael2195 June 06, 2011
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Granite Bay is a suburb of Sacramento,right next to Roseville. All the Kings' players live here in their huge million-dollar homes. People over there are rich snobs who think they are superior to everybody. Granite Bay high school has the the most spoiled ass kids that eveybody in Sacramento area likes to hat.
Bob: Hey you from Granite Bay??
John: Yeah, why?
Bob: Because you are getting your ass kicked.
John: But why? I didn't do nothing.
Bob: I know.
John: *runs*
by Sactofacto July 22, 2006
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Granite bay is a community north of Sacramento. Everyone their is rich including, movie stars and professional athletes. All the grown ups are stuck up and gossip about each other. Every girl that lives their is a straight slut and the guys from granite bay think they are hard because they are sheltered and don't know what it's like living outside of placer county.
If your girl is from granite bay you might want to get tested.
by gbhater January 27, 2010
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