The language formed of noots and other sounds. Usually spoken by penguins.

I can teach you some Penguinese
Hello- Noot Noot!
Apple- Noot-
No- Bla
Yes- Noot

Take down the American government- Noot Noot
Stfu- N O O T N O O T
Ily- Noot Noot~
I heart America- b l a
Tessa Brooke’s- the competition shook
Rawr- * intense roaring *
O damn- no noot ( ya gotta say it in that accent to hear it )

you will need this
“Hello fellow penguin”
Noot Noot!”
“Aw cool u speak Penguinese”
“Noot Noot”
“wtf why”
“N O O T N O O T”
“Noot Noot~”
by youbetterstop June 27, 2018
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