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Pendehoe is the conjunction of the words pendejo and hoe

pendejo (derived from Spanish, spelled "pen-deh-hoe") stands for someone who is a really retarded dumbass, has mental obstructions or someone without the ability to do anything right.

hoe is a woman (sometimes man) who is promiscuous and has sex with everyone no matter what.

It has no real use rather than insulting someone, instead of calling them hoe or pendejo you just call them pendehoe
-a child drops his icecream


"you are a retarded stupid piece of gay shit, ahahaha lol"


"you are a pendehoe, lolz"

-a man raped an old man

"you are a stupid ass only gay people do that"


"pendehoe, lolz"
by Netox June 17, 2009
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Phrase used either as expression put in place of 'duhh' or expression used as an insult/compliment meaning 'pay the hoe'
1. So she did make out with him in the hallway after all?
Of course she did! Pen De Hoe!

2. Girl-How did I do?
Guy 1- Eh, you were alright.
Guy 2- Ah, Pen De Hoe, lets get out of here.
by T.H.E.:) January 22, 2009
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