At the end of a golf round, Pencil Whipping is the act of adding a few strokes to a hole or multiple holes of your opponent.
Mike: Alright, I had a 3,4,5,4, and 6 on the first 5 holes. Do you have the same?

Ryan: Actually, I have you down for a 4,7,6,4,8. I think I am correct.

Mike: Are you kidding me! Your just pencil whipping me!
by Jut254 July 10, 2010
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1. To mark off a check list as complete without reading or doing any of the items on the list.

2. Checks resembling marks that left by a bull whip.

3. To blindly mark a checklist of items without reading or doing
The accident happened because John pencil-whipped the Pre-flight check list and didn't check the hatch.
by darkguardian January 6, 2012
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1. To cheat, by adding more points than deserved in a game (like DOMINOES.)

2. To write down more points than deserved in a game (like DOMINOES.)
You have to watch that dude. He tried to pencil-whip when he's getting beat real bad.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 20, 2006
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The act of untruthful scoring in golf.
Jeff Kuhns. When in a tournament you shoot a 76 but you "pencil whip" your competitor by making him sign a 72 on your scorecard. A.K.A. the Jeff Kuhns Special.
by Mike Watts August 12, 2008
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