Name proceden of Asturians, a rebel civilization in the north of Spain known for saving Spain from the arabs. The first spanish king was Pelayo I of Asturias. His ancestors had fighting blood and would defend his family by any cause. They are really friendly and have a deep apreciation to animals.
Pelayo I of Asturias regained Spain from the arab conquest.

If Pelayo is in our team we will succeed.
by potatosalade75 September 13, 2017
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spanish descendents located mostly in Guadalajara or some other parts of jalisco, not really a common name, they are hard workers and idea people, they like to manage big businesses and to control people, are also famous for a televion program.
audience: Sube pelayo sube, sube pelayo sube !!!!!!!
by mexicanpapacito May 20, 2009
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usually with indie bands, tv shows, or fornicating.

2. that adores religiously her friends.

3. Pelayork, as in emperadora de Pelayork.
Girl 1: She was so exited she nearly tackled Gabe

(cobra starship)!!

Girl 2: She is Pelayo!!

ex 2:

Pelayo adores marie (one of her friends) so much she brougth her lots of chocolates.
by pelayostinks December 04, 2009
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An idiotic Spanish man who loves Spain and obsessed with Spain he also thinks he is cool which is wrong
Oh wow look at that idiot pelayo walking by thinking he’s cool
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A dirty Pelayo is a practice used by many white men where they dress and act like an alcoholic gentleman from the 1920's in order to attract women with daddy issues. This practice is used exclusively to attract Latina girls, which make it extremely risky to use, as they can result in a Crazy Latina incident.
-Dude un gonna Smash that Puerto Rican girl for sure, I'm gonna pull the good ol' Dirty Pelayo on her
-Ok but be aware dude, we can't afford another crazy Latina incident like last year's
by AsteroidBussy69 August 24, 2021
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