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Used by Vinnie Jones in the film Snatch. It is the cross between a penis and an arse, used as an insult without swearing.
''You peenarse''
by SpursGirlMeg May 06, 2010
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An insult. mixture of the words penise and arse.
Mullet: What the fuck u dain ton'

Bullet Tooth tony: Driving down the road with your head stuck in my window, what the fuck do you think i'm doing you pee-narse?
by RetardedBandit June 23, 2009
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A phrase used to describe a person that can’t stop fidgeting or messing around and generally acts like a tit.
phil is messing around on a long car journey, "Stop being a peen arse phil"

David always acted like a peen arse in english.
by Random_hero_ November 30, 2006
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An insult, with the direct meaning being a penis with an arse shaped bell-end
You my friend, are a peenarse
by Liam AP Walker May 27, 2003
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A word formed by myself to describe others and henceforth picked up and used in todays common terminology of l337 speakers
i know someone called Matt who is a peenarse
by Daveth October 29, 2004
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