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A Peefoo is someone who possesses an overwhelming number of negative qualities, disguised under a false cover of apparently positive traits used to conceal their their lack of security, confidence, intelligence or sense of self-worth.

Peefoos suffer from a drastic shortfall of emotional fitness and psychological strength, manifested through an indulgence in cheap thrills or meaningless antics just to serve as temporary distractions from their deep, painful and neglected problems. As such, they are reactive people who absolve themselves of any form of personal responsibility by blaming anything and everything but themselves.

A Peefoo is generally quick to please or appease. He or she seeks strength from popularity or acceptance, and usually has little courage to express his or her own feelings and convictions, unless they are approved by the social mirror. A Peefoo is easily intimidated by the ego strength of others. and makes decisions based on conformity.

Another common trait in Peefoos includes the suppressing of a lot of feelings, usually due to fear of nonacceptance of their peers, only for them to manifest or come forth later in uglier ways such as disproportionate rage or anger, overreaction to minor provocation, cynicism, usage of manipulative human relation techniques, hypocrisy, escapism, whining, bitching, complaining and blaming.
Circumstances and other people are forcing me to do what I do. I'm not free to choose my own actions. I am a Peefoo.

I am doing this to make everybody happy. I am everyone's friend. I am a Peefoo.
by TheLordofPeefoos August 11, 2011
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