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N. A mix of truffle butter and peanut butter, in which a man sticks his penis in a girl’s anus and, subsequently, vagina to then both piss and ejaculate inside her (hence PeeNut).
Dudebro 1: “Bro did you pipe Rosalind last night?”
Dudebro 2: “Yeah man, but she had some weird-ass kinks, ended up servin’ up some PeeNut Butter.”
by Rennat_easel February 11, 2019
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Pee- Piss in her bum
Nut- well pretty self explanatory, you nut in the butt
Butt- the jar
Er- I don't know it makes it sound cooler at the end
Sarah said she was feeling dry so I made her sticky with some peenut butter
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by IputtheSTDinStudMuffin June 13, 2017
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