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Someone who usually provides terrible ideas during a time of urgency when a real idea or plan must be forged. These ideas tend to be very poorly thought out and simple but the pee snake thinks very hard and the idea seems very good to their simple mind. Pee snakes also perform certain actions without considering other factors involved such as trying to spit out of a closed window and wiping prior to defacating. The pee snake will usually become angered if you inform them of their stupidity.
Guy driving: "Dude if your gonna throw up do it out the window."
The Pee Snake comes up with his own plan to throw up into a plastic bag which he does not check for holes resulting in a week long vomit smell in the car.
Guy driving: "Dude look at you! Your such a fucking Pee Snake!"
The Pee Snake: "Calm down duuude my bad!"
by Jeff honk September 13, 2010
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