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Pedrobear is the spanish version of Pedobear. Pedrobear has a hard time getting his prey. He travels around the US. He speaks spanish, but he understand english. Sometimes he'll try and speak english, which usually results in the following:
Pedrobear: Me gusta

8 year old: ?

Pedrobear: Me gustas tu

8 year old: ....?

Pedrobear: Wanna see my snake?

8 year old: You have a snake? Where? :D

*Pedrobear drops his pants*

*8 year old runs away screaming*
by wtf mate ^^ June 16, 2011
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Pedrobear is a pedophile you meet, online or off, that can't speak proper English. Pedrobears online can be the grammar nazi's worst nightmare, misspelling and abbreviating every word, no punctuation, a serious lack of grammar. These online grammar nazi's don't even have to be foreign, they can be from your homeland.
Sometimes, they suck so bad at grammar and spelling, you can't decipher what they are saying so you can't tell if they are a pedo phile or not.
See Pedobear, Grammar, Pedophile and Chris Hansen.
Pedrobear: "hi gys. wnt 2 come my hosue? i hav treets and i luv 2 fuck."
by Mister Miser March 25, 2008
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