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The bumper stickers on the back windows of SUVs, minivans, etc that show a depiction of every member of the family, (Sometimes pets, too,) with their name below their depiction.

Some pedo menus will even depict a relevant hobby for each child.
You're driving down the road and see a Pedo Menu on the back of the minivan that says Dad, Mom, Jorge, Angel, Paulo, Esperanza, Scruffy, Raider & Uncle Smiley. You see a baseball mitt on one kid, a skateboard on another, and the baby has a halo, (Letting you know that she passed away.)

So now a predator has more info he can use to dupe a victim into trusting him. And why? So the self-absorbed family can jump on a senseless bandwagon.
by Nob Rakes Tooth Re August 29, 2009
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