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A wonderful boarding school in small-town Hightstown, NJ. We have really hot and cool Asians, hot seniors, and just generally hot people. Everyone has mad swag. We have such swag, there is a student named Swagner. The school has so much money, we can afford to admit people for their intelligence, not their family's annual income or class. *coughHunandLawrencevillecough*. Also, we have beat Blair Academy in competition for 15+ years. Blair students have never even seen the Potter-Kelley (not Kelley-Potter) Cup. Our Swim Cult is full of champions who went to Worlds (as in, World Championships). Our school spirit is unrivaled, and so is our sportsmanship. The falcon, our mascot, is a wise and noble creature, whereas Lawrenceville has a pack of gum (Big Red) and Blair a glorified pirate (buccaneer). We actually stick to our own rules and expel people who break the 0-tolerance policy. Peddie food may be less than desirable, but we still have the highest SAT scores. Hill has old tradition, we have progression.
Do you like Vampire Weekend? Yeah, the drummer, Chris Tomson, went to the Peddie School.
by Finn'sFalcons February 27, 2010
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