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This is a guy that's being a real dickhead. Someone that is really fucking annoying.
Also, a peckerwad is what a women says she received when you throw a 12 inch dick in her mouth.
Man that guy was being a real peckerwad.
Girl that dude about choked me to death with his massive peckerwad.
by Mr. Dirthole July 24, 2016
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Derogatory term for individual exhibiting seemingly inexplicable annoying behavior, esp. when same appears based in ignorance. Derived from southern U.S. Colloquialism for smegma.

A driver comments after the driver ahead of him on the freeway has hit his brakes for the third time in three minutes for no apparent reason β€œWhat the hell is that peckerwad hitting his brakes for?”
by southernravin July 25, 2006
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