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An uprising stereotype somewhat like prep, and scene with a little more razzle dazzle.

A typical pechare cheri wears colourful, fitted layers. The colours tend to be on the brighter side. Such as neons, sequences, stripes, polka dots, etc. They rarely wear clothes resembeling the emo. Skinny jeans seem to be quite popular amongst the pechares. They also however adore the short shorts. Also known as, booty shorts. They also like layering their jewelery. A pechare isn't really concerned whether or not their outfit actually matches. Just if they are comfortable in whats hugging their either fit, or semi fit body type.
They are typically active people. Not sexually, that's a personal choice(:

Like their outfits, their personalities are one of a kind.
They have a very upbeat, outgoing, positive, yet mellow personality. They're happy one moment, and devistated the next. Not to confuse them with bi polar, they just have a lot of emotions and can't particularly favour one over the other. They don't really care what others have to say. They speak their mind, and they know what they want. Opinionated would have to be the word. Setting trends is what a pechare is all about. They don't follow the crowd often.

Music; they don't really have one genre, or a genre dedicated to them that they listen to. They listen to whatever their little hearts desire. They do however favour techno, pop, indie, and dance the most though.

The hair. Their hair is like a person of it's own. Layers. Layers. Layers. They are big fad of the choppy look. Choppy layers, and sometimes even a choppy bob. Like victoria beckham, not like katie holmes' new due.

Their vocabulary consists of the following words: grody, fersure, duh, tubular, razzle-dazzle, darling, rad, sweetie, hun, sweatheart, peaches, betty, doode, lovely, betch, deck, spanking, marvelous, ooberly, spectacular, ohmyew, bite off, oh baby, spaz, babe, my dear, dayummm, bangable, miel, apple, strawberries, sucker, ahh, iloveyou, losers, EEEP, ehk and manifique.
OMG; did you see that girl in second period? Her hair was so manifique, she MUST be pechare:
by Oh dangggg. November 15, 2007
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