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Once in a hairdressers I asked what the haircut was called with the spiky beckhamesque look, that all commoners now have. Close to Chavs you will see these people walking around in suit jackets, bleached jeans with attached chain, white shoes and white belts. Topman now makes clothes entirely for them. They actually think they look cool but are 1980's throwbacks. See Rod Stewarts hair for comparison. Anyway, the correct name is faux-hawk apparently but it took me several months to find this information out. Somehow I had the word Pecan in my head from what I had believed the hairdresser had said to me. Now when I see these losers I will often laugh amongst close friends pointing at the stupid fucking Pecans.
Bleached Jeans
Suit Jacket
Beckham Hair
1980's fighter pilot glasses
80's belt
T-shirt with writing on it.
Designer stuble
Walk like a right cunt
by Ryhan October 21, 2004
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