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The ultimate game of chance. In this game two bro's filter into a closet, turn the light on and shut the door. Next, both bro's pull their respective penis's out of their pants. At this point the bro's stand facing each other with their hands on each others shoulders. Now, while staring deep into each others eyes the object becomes to force yourself to ejaculate without touching your unit. Only the finest warriors will achieve the desired result. If not, then they chose poorly...
Dude, so last night Jimmy and I decided to play peaksies. Either he or I won, depending on who you claim to be the true winner.

Are you bro's heading over for tonight's Peaksies Championships?
by Peaksies November 19, 2010
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A word used mainly at the gym. For people that are serious about Bicep gains, and developing nice Bicep peaks.
Also known for emphasizing the long head of the bicep, the muscle that creates a peak when you flex your arm.

Most commonly used by Polish gym rats.
"Lets do cable bicep curls to grow our peaks"
"Chodz trzeba zrobic peaksy"
by Malfury May 29, 2018
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