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The proper word for a "peacock". Male Peafowls are called "Peacocks", and female Peafowls are called "Peahens". Peafowl chicks are called "Peachicks". Peacocks generally have a deep-blue body with bluish-green tail feathers, tan wings, reddish tails, and two small white stripes on each side of their face. Peahens are generally a dull brown with a white breast, a full-white face with a stripe going along their eyes, and black on the top of their heads. Peachicks are generally a brown as well with black specks along their feathers, a white breast, and a yellow face. The rarest color of Peafowl is the White Indian Peafowl as well as the Albino Peafowl. These are extremely rare and sometimes sold for thousands of dollars. Indian Blue Peafowls are commonly found in India and are a favorite in zoos all across the world.
"One of the favorites in our zoo is the Indian Blue Peafowl..."
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by May 18, 2018
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