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An absolutely stunning girl who has all the boys chasing after her and is super polpular. She is caring and supportive but won't hesitate to speak her opinion. Her hair is to die for and she's also incredibly smart and talented. If you ever get to date her, don't let go.
Jonathan:*sobbing in class*
Paytin:"What's wrong?"
Jonathan:"My girl left me."
Paytin:"Fuck her then.
by JPBOSS September 15, 2016
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She can be very intimidating with just the perfect amount sass! no one can compare of how beautiful she is. No matter where she goes trouble always follows, paytin is very sweet and can have a lot of courage at times. All the boys want her, she is very loyal to the one she is with and with no doubt she will tell you about any problem she has with you friend or foe. She is extremely talented in bed and has a bit of a freaky side..... be careful boys! She has a phat ass too, with some big titties ;)
Oh wow !! That paytin girl has a fine ass body!
by 123truth August 26, 2017
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A girl who is absolutely georgeous but she has self image problems. She knows she is perfect and she knows everyone eles knows she is perfect, but still can't get past the fact that she is to big. She has boy problems always want to have a boyfriend. She always gets them because she is perfect. But she loose them quickly because she is insecure.
why are you being such a paytin today, you look amazing!!!
Don't let your paytin side get in your way, you are beautiful and your to skinny to think that.
by tim green November 13, 2013
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