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T.J. Miller, but he likes little hands, and green screen suits. He also dislikes proscuitto, and streams for children. He definitely does "not" diddle kids.
You should go watch paymoneywubby at . Give him your money bc he needs it. He must buy more rubber ducks.
by Totally Not Bridge September 28, 2018
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Thicc ginger youtuber who steals people's money and spends it on fucking chef hats and shit
Person 1: hey did you see paymoneywubbys new video

Person 2: who the fuck

Person 1: the chubby ginger guy who says nigger alot

Person 2. Ooohhh yeah
by Anonym0usGamer712 June 15, 2018
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A T H I C C ginger YouTube who has great content and is a great twitch streamer.
"Did you see PaymoneyWubbys new video?"

"Yes i also saw his stream. It was great."
by KontralFrek September 04, 2018
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