1. A punishment.

2. To fart in someone's face while they are laying down, sleeping, or when they least expect it.
I skipped school so I paid the price with 2 weeks detention.

Sleepover at Josh's house tonight! Let's make him pay the price!
by Troyyyyy December 9, 2010
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To take a item by force while owner is present, not paying for it with money, gold, or service.
I did pay the iron price for this chain by leaving him bleeding on the floor.
by Youngjayhova November 4, 2013
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Dude 1: Hey man thanks for covering my shift while I needed to go to the bathroom.
Dude 2: No problem.
Dude 1: Yeah man if it wasn't for you I would have been paying the dark price and paying for a new pair of jeans too.
by XtRedChaos June 21, 2017
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is now the term one uses to describe the hangover experienced after a dark night of mischief.
eg. ‘I woke up in my friend’s sister’s bed and now I am paying the Iron Price
by ElCov March 29, 2013
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