A game where everyone shoots everyone for no reason. Also the hugest hot spot for spurs and swears.
Guy 1: you play pavlov shack?
Guy 2: yeah I got kicked for saying the n-word when I didn’t.
by GreninjaWinner July 29, 2022
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A game filled with racist 10 year olds and grown up men who give you death threats if you shoot them once.
''Guy 1: Hey bro do you play shooter games on VR?''
''Guy 2: Yeah, I play pavlov shack!''
''Guy 1: What a racist kid you are, grow up and buy onward''
by Doctor Freeman May 23, 2022
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Pavlov shack players have to meanings. The first is called "Ratio" Ratio is the 9 year old squeaker who got the game cause he watched a JoshDub video of him playing TTT and tried to play TTT and got harrased. Then there is the "exterminator." This beast of a giga chad goes around and blows the "Ratio" head off when it yells that it wants to play russian roulette.
Your such a ratio player. You are the worst Pavlov Shack Player
by zxag September 2, 2022
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