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1. When you're playing SongPop with a random opponents because you're friends don't play their turn fast enough and some girl named Paulyanna keeps picking brazilian playlists that you don't know the answers to because you're from America. This causes you to automatically lose, and since you had a wonderful record beforehand, you hate her for messing it up for you and call her such a name.

2. Any person that beats you in SongPop, or any other game where losing genuinely pisses you off.

3. Any person that pisses you off.
1. DUDE this paulyannapussypants just guessed Lips of an Angel 0.2 seconds faster than me! Can you believe that shit?!

2. That girl Haley is such a paulyannapussypants, she cheats....

3. STACIE, dont be a paulyannapussypants about it!
by KatieM3 August 30, 2012
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