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Below the age of 30, a woman will never date a man younger than her unless he is cooler than she is. The amount of cool the man must have increases as the difference in age increases.
According to Paul's Law, you're definitely not cool enough to pull that off.
by sleep_it_off April 28, 2011
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'Paul's Law'
1. a notional, Internet-born law (example: Godwin's Law) which dictates that any discussion--irrespective of its subject matter--will eventually become "derailed" (*moved off topic) into a debate about "traps" (*male-to-female transsexuals); in particular, whether or not an attraction to / relationship with said gender denomination by males is considered homosexual.
(NB: In this sense, the law pertains only to "pre-op" (*pre-operational) MTF trans girls.)
2. an expression indicating that a given conversation has veered away from its original topic and into the realm of "traps".

The nominal reference pertains to the Hollywood action film B-actor, Paul Walker (1973~2013). Subsequent to Walker's death in 2013, an un-authored "dialogue meme" (*series of pictures, generally taken from film, with subtitled captions) appeared. This meme comprised a sequence of images depicting Walker with another action film B-list actor (Vin Diesel) -- images taken from the final, tributary scenes of the film, Fast and Furious 7 (2015) -- engaging in a debate on the topic of "feminine penises" (*the 'femininity' of "trap" genitalia as viewed by their aficionados).
The can be viewed here (*SFW): Oqm33CQ (imgur website)

The proliferation of this image is largely attributable to the 4chan Internet image board and its denizens; in particular from its notoriously "trap-happy" sub forum, /pol/ (political)--wherein the notion of 'Paul's Law' is oft invoked or 'proven'.
"This conversation proves Paul's Law."
"Paul's Law is strong with this thread."
"Paul's Law states that this must now become a 'trap' thread!"
by Trolius Maximus March 02, 2017
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