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A rumor started in the sixties that claimed that Paul McCartney was dead. Songs such as "I'm so tired" and "Blue Jay Way" supposedly had messages in them that confirmed the rumor. Some album covers, like the original yesterday... and today cover were said to show clues that Paul was dead. People believed that an english mounty named "Billy Shears" replaced Paul after he crashed a car while looking at "lovely rita". He was supposedly burried on the greeg island of Leso. It is all an interesting story. If you are a big beatles fan or just someone with a slight interest, do a wikipedia search on paul is dead. There is a huge article on it. Remember that this is obviously a hoax started by a few fanatical beatles fans.
"Paul is dead man, miss him miss him miss him." This is found in when you play the last few seconds of the beatles song "I'm so tired" backwards.
by the real mark harper March 21, 2006
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a legend that creeped me out so badly i have a trauma of it... i couldn't listen to the beatles for a few years...
someone made up a story that some guy replaced the real paul mccartney when he died, they say, in a car accident that decapitated him. they say there are "clues" in the songs when played backwards and in the album covers.
there's a little problem in the legend: there is no real motive for the replacement, and how the hell did they found a guy who: 1. looked like paul, 2. sung like paul and 3.played the bass?
and for the clues, the beatles made so many songs that OF COURSE some freak found something that MAYBE played backwards sounds like someone is saying something that actually doesn't really have sense. and, the cover pictures, they are the same story: if you make up a bit, you can find clues everywhere.
guy1:omg paul is dead! there are all the clues n stuff!
guy2:yes, and that story is based on...?
by buwa December 04, 2006
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A ledgend/cult that in 1966, Paul McCartney of the Beatles died in a car crash, and the Beatles quickly found a look a like(Billy Shears) to replace Paul, and covered the whole thing up. Of course, it's a hoax, but if you're a Beatles fan, it is interesting to check out, although it does give me the heebie-jeebies if I do it at night...anyway, obsessed maniacs find all these clues in songs and on album covers by using mirrors, symbolism, a lot of Internet searching, and record players.
Did you know that Paul McCartney actually died in '66?
No man, Paul is Dead was just a hoax. Did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary?
by Jennina August 25, 2008
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