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Commonly associated with the Amerigasm. Generally associated with far right-wing Christian Republican Americans. Someone who feels patrio-erotic feelings are someone who is rabidly nationalistic, and who actually becomes aroused by the thought of things that a right-wing American racist considers as "American," such as shooting a gun, talking about shooting a gun, looking at guns, talking about looking at guns, hating foreigners, hating immigrants, hating the French, hating the UN, hating democrats, hating liberals, hating minorities (except the ones who they hire to do their work for a fraction of a fair wage), and believing that immigrants and minorities have it 'easy' and that they themselves (the white, Christian, male) is actually an endangered species and he MUST defend himself. Toby Keith is the patron saint of patrioeroticism. Stephen Colbert portrays the characature of a Patrioerotic individual.
"That Toby Keith song is so patrioerotic, I got such a hard-on after listening to it I went out a bought a gun, shot some immigrants and liberals, and then joined a white supremacist group."
by alien_sporez February 04, 2010
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