1. noun- a great new york knickobocker. One of his greatest moments was when he went up for a dunk & his penis fell out of his shorts. Therefore the "urban legend" was started that Patrick Ewing, till this day, tapes his gigantic, mamoth penis to his leg, inorder to protect it from falling out of his short shorts. That is another reason why b-ball players stopped wearing short shorts
2.adj- derives from the noun "Patrick Ewing & refers to his huge shlong.
1- Wow did you see Patrick Ewing & his dunk in which his shlong fell out of his pants; Oh my!
2- Indeed sir, your Patrick Ewing is showing quite well today if i may add
by "G-reg" May 31, 2006
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n. The act of one's penis "accidentaly" falling out of one's pants in a humorous but mature manner.
"DUDE! Did you just see that bro's cock?! He totally just went patrick ewing on our ass! Sweet!
by Bill Hawthorn August 2, 2007
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the best basketball player ever. wore the number 33, went to georgetown, was drafted by the knicks, stayed in new york for like 20 years, will soon be in the hall of fame, and currently is an assistant coach on the houston rockets, where he taught yao ming how to play basketball.
yo you see that game the other night when ewing dropped 60 points, grabbed 25 boards, had 15 blocks, and threw it down in jordans face?
by chuck d February 4, 2005
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