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Attitude specifically concentrated outward towards a group or individual by someone named Pat. Patitude is characterized by sudden outbursts of annoyance, rage, or emotional discontent with no prior inkling that there were any such feelings brewing. Patitude is often without rhyme or reason and can leave the group or individual to whom the patitude was directed feeling bewildered.
-Yo I called Pat to see if he wanted to chill while I was in town and when he answered the phone he gave me some serious Patitude. I dont know what happened
by XBeardcoreX October 27, 2010
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attitude that consists of extreme sass, huffiness, touchiness, and often smart-ass responses. A hybrid between a temper tantrum, a diva-like rant, and a pre-throwdown litany of profanity.
When James started complaining about the air conditioning in the car, claiming it was making his contacts dry out and his joints stiff, and repetitively asked that everything go his way, we told him to cut the patitude.
by kirstenruleslikewhoa May 08, 2005
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