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This first came to light on a Yahoo answers page entitled "What do you call people that are sexually attracted to pans?"

Noun: Someone that is sexually attracted to flat or thin objects e.g. A frying pan, a baking pan, the or a tortilla.

See: Pansexual definition #7, Objectophilia

Noun: Someone that is sexually attracted to a fine layer of some substance over an object; usually, but not limited to, showing age e.g. rust, frost, or someone with a very tight fitting bag over their head/body

See: Patina, gerontophilia, Serial Killer
I didn't realize Jim was a Patinasexual until I saw him fucking my moms good china plates.

I knew I was a Patinasexual when I had the uncontrollable urge to use a rusty pipe as a dildo.
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