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A modern religion in which the members of the church(called pastafareinites) worship the flying spaghetti monster. Every alternate sunday they have their version of a christian Eucharist, in which they consume massive amounts of spaghetti, and blessed sauce. They do not like to be confused with linguinists who's belief in the great linguine god contradicts modern pastafareinism. Pronounced: Pasta-fairy-in-ism
Jimmy:Hey John my family is having a Christmas Party and wanted to know if you would like to come?"
John:Screw that man! I'm a pastafareinites and I don't believe in Santa.
Jimmy: Um christmas is about jesus...
John:Well the First Church of Pastafareinism doesn't support Jesus, because his body is made of bread and bread soaks up all the wonderful sauce that the flying spaghetti monster makes for us.
Jimmy:You're a freak.
by Gherolinkinpark May 03, 2009
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