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The term used to describe an event or social function, usually in a film or TV show, that is happy and jovial, even though it is in the midst of chaos or upset. The key element of a pasta party is that it is not earned; it is a happy moment used by writers to gloss over elements of the story, and to distract from plot holes or potential plot exploration.

It originated from the 7th season of the CBS show Criminal Minds, when due to the network causing casting chaos and poor writing, a Pasta Party was hosted at a chracter's house, which everyone attended being smiley and happy despite the episode being full of character confrontations and drama. The Pasta Party served as the end of all this drama, cutting short any potential exploration of the conflict.

This trope is also referred to as putting a spaghetti bow on things.
Erin and Hayley have been at war for weeks - so Kevin is throwing a Pasta Party to resolve things and inviting them both. It won't help, but they'll have to put on an act at the party so they don't cause upset.
by JusticarJasper August 31, 2012
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The epitome of the cross-country season. When the distance guys and distance girls (most of whom are visually attractive) go to either someones house or olive garden to feast on God's gift to runners...PASTAAA!

Pasta Parties often include Ping-Pong and aimless running around, just because we can.
me: DUDE! The pasta party was so awesome last night. We ate pasta and played ping pong at Brittany's house. She's hot.

friend: awesome...but running sux

Me: You're just fat so stfu
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