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A girl who always gets with guys at parties when drunk and pretends to feel upset and/or guilty about it the next day. They are often decidedly unpromiscuous when sober.
Beth was feeling unhappy,

"What's the matter?" asked her friend Flo.

"I got with Greg last night, you know? The one that looks like a shaved ape and smells like a dead donkey in a swamp? I don't know what came over me..." she replied
Flo knew... "Partywhore..." she whispered under her breath
by jizzmong hunter August 21, 2009
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The girl at a party who makes out with or fucks any guy as soon as she's drunk. She thinks everyone likes her, but she is more of a party decoration to get the party going than a guest.
This funeral sucked till the party whore made out with the dead guys dad.
by Kansas Shitfuck July 27, 2007
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The girl you ask your girlfriend to bring to parties so she can entertain your friends while you do your girlfriend in the back. She generally gets drunk very fast, 4-5 beers, and gets with every boy at the party. Usually, she will be locked in a different room with a different guy every twenty minutes. Commonly, high school football players adore this girl, especially while they are drunk, but find it extremely awkward to make conversation with, or even look at, this girl after. A common synonym for party whore is calling her the "Gina" or the "Gyna".
Hey dude, ask your girlfriend to bring her friend Gina, that party whore, down to your shore house so we can all get some.
by LiveLoveRockxx57 December 02, 2007
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1. A party whore is a marginal looking girl (usually stretched from severe weight loss or from giving early life child birth) who will fuck the brains out of the guy with the biggest stock pile of weed, pills, but most importantly cocaine. The guy's intelligence and clenliness are not a factor when substance 3 is involved.
2. Northern KY's Davina G. and her band of skanks can all be positively labeled this.
You fucked who? My best friend? THAT piece of shit? you coked up cunt! get the fuck out of my life!!!
by Vapor Trail September 07, 2003
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