bunch of straight savages having a good time
Hey wanna come over to my "Party Room", till be so much fun.
by Dexter, I do November 7, 2017
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A garage whose purpose is to throw party's in it.

Derived from the Californian tradition of cleaning out a garage for the soul purpose of throwing parties. This allows underage kids to drink and provide a safe place to get high.
Man 1: Lets Go Hit The Clubs
Man 2: We can't Joe isn't 21 yet
Man 1: Fuck, well Jose has a California Party Room, lets crash it.
by Richard Perkins April 4, 2010
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When you are the Boomer in the Left 4 Dead series and you explode in a room, covering the humans in your bile.
by ryrynelz September 30, 2010
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