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1. The life of the party.
2. One who parties excessively; one who is addicted to the fun of a party.
3. To attend a party, with expectations of being the life of the party.

4. A comedy group formed by Bryce Aguilar, Aaron Decator, Jay Ransom, and Curtis Alfaro.

1. "Dude, did you see Jimmy? He's the fucking Party Champ tonight!"
2. "Greg, I feel like I swallowed a dose of 'awesome', man."
"Dan, relax. You're becoming a Party Champ!"
3. "I'm going all out tonight. I'll see the little shin-dig and I'll be Party Champing like CRAZY!!!!"
4. "Have you heard that the Party Champs will be posting videos on their official MySpace, soon?"
by Fart-House Vondograpist August 10, 2008
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