The last name Alfaro is a Mexican last name. Alfaro's have a big attitude and are very intimidating. They are party people, usually they get drunk and are the life of the party. They are loyal and caring, but dont get on their bad side, you will see just how ruthless they can be. If an Alfaro doesn't like you, you will never get the end of it. Alfaro's are very tough, they have thick skin and dont care what others think.
"now I know not to mess with Alfaro's, im in some deep shit now"
by valiendo verga June 7, 2021
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An intellect far beyond anyone's imagination, despite hanging out with total losers he always sees life in a bright way, Alfaros are also blessed with huge dongs but are also cursed with being eternal virgins. With an Alfaro by your side, you will always be lucky.
by Mr.Tfr November 7, 2019
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the last name of a dumb ass mexican who has no hoes and tries to get with people sexy gf like jeniffer but in all is my nigga
by BrogoBroke October 14, 2019
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omg did u see that pig it looks like “emanuel alfaro”
by minaj, nicki September 25, 2019
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An Ana Alfaro is a girl with no taste. Born with eyes that no one in the house has. A Ana Alfaro likes too hit on boys even though she's ugly herself.
Hah look at That Ana Alfaro! She has gay eyes
by Bryan Aviles October 13, 2013
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Saul ,known as “SAH” is the sexiest man on the planet.He created our planet and he also created fortnite and he created furkanplaysguitar.HES A GOD.SAHISM
He is praying to Saul Alfaro Jr. .
by sirclout February 21, 2019
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The funniest, cutest girl at KHS
Laura you are amazing and I really like you
Mmmm Laura Garcia Alfaro is a G
by Eyes Of A Angel November 13, 2018
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