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A day at the shop with a partsologist finds him or her employed in one of three fields: service laison, directing, or shop keeping. The service laison oversees the care and distribution of parts in the shop, while the director does not work directly with the machines but rather performs more administrative duties, such as billing, warranty, writing service tickets and customer relations. Service laisons and directors work closely together to determine the best way to contain the work, maintain their efficiency, and manage the facility. Partsologist are far more active in the matter of running warranties, parts compatibility and parts ordering, though and need to have additional mechanical background.
The Partsologist also provides unique skills like the daily identification of parts and determine compatibility of make and models. They are able take a box of mixed up parts from different motorcycles and sort them by year make and models by visual inspection and some use of parts codes.
I knew Pete was a Modificationitis with some Modifacture skills , but when I had to find my parts to fix my bike. He was able to find them in a box that was full a parts from my last five motorcycles with no problem. I guess you would say he is a Partsologist too.
by Peter PARTs July 26, 2012
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